Our Leather

Piel Leather goods are made from the finest selection of full grain vaquetta cowhides, high quality hardware, superior craftsmanship, durability, and innovation. Our unique designs complement the natural markings, tone variations, and character of each individual hide. Note the scratches and other marks on our leather goods are natural characteristics of genuine leather. These irregularities and variations add to the uniqueness of each bag. Every leather bag is unique because every hide is unique.

We take pride in our hundreds of talented employees that for over three decades have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of leather craftsmanship. Their loyalty, commitment, and hard work are reflected in our exceptional line of genuine handmade leather goods.

All of our products are manufactured and handmade in our factory located in Bogota, Colombia, South America. As one of the pioneers of naked leather, we have the largest selection of vaquetta leather goods from Colombia with a variety of colors to choose from. Feel free to browse our online catalog and discover the touch, the feel, the essence of fine naked leather.


Piel Colors

Each Piel Leather product may come in a variety of colors. The following are a few of the options available to you:

Saddle Brown


Chocolate Brown

Apple Green

Alaska Charcoal Gray

Alaska Honey Brown

Alaska Toffee Brown


Dark Navy Blue

Dark Green

Positano Black-Gray

Positano Caramel


Leather Care (Lexol)

Piel Leather is the exclusive distributor in the Luggage Industry for Lexol Products! In order to maintain your leather purchase, we recommend cleaning and conditioning it with Lexol products.

Nothing beats Lexol for keeping leather clean, soft, and durable. Lexol-pH deep cleans and foams away dirt and oils that build up on leather articles. You can trust Lexol-pH because it is made to clean leather.

Special Note: It is not uncommon for naked (unfinished) leather to darken during the cleaning and conditioning process. After air-drying, most leathers will return to their original color. We suggest testing to determine satisfaction, since leather articles tend to vary in color and degree of absorption. For best results follow cleaning with a light application of Lexol Leather Conditioner while the leather is still damp.

The unique Lexol formula penetrates easily into wet or dry leather to bond with leather fibers. Unfinished leathers quickly absorb Lexol while absorption may proceed more slowly with finished leathers. Lexol does not leave leather slick, sticky, or slippery. It leaves no greasy residue to stain or discolor clothing.

For over a half century Lexol has been trusted and used by professionals when repairing or restoring leather handbags, briefcases, and luggage. Use Lexol products with confidence to protect your investment in fine leather.

Purchase Lexol Products for your Piel Bag now!